Monday, October 29, 2012

Dress Rehearsal

So, I thought I would do another post with some things I've done in the past.

Not to wax poetic or anything, but earlier this evening I went to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower, with my little sister and got to thinking about high school, and life and all the things you think of when you watch that kind of movie.
When I was in high school I was really into what my dad called "scary clowns" that I would insist were harlequins because I had looked it up on wikipedia and thought that was fancier than clown. There were 4 that I designed and sketched very often, and carried with me into college when I painted the colored image above. I've always had a thing for masks and circuses. Won't go into the psychological implications of such information, but that's just me. I love masks, peter pan and his pirates, and super heroes.

Reminds me that sometimes you need to sit back and remember the things that matter and the things that don't, and what a family friend once said about that painting. She told me that the fact that they seemed to be making all this fanfare and the spotlights were on but no one was in the stands made her think of how most of our lives we act as though everyone is concerned with everything we do. Like sometimes we're making a big show of everything we do, and we get embarrassed or proud like people are watching, when sometimes, no one cares even the tiniest bit what we're doing. Like a dress rehearsal. A place where it's ok to mess up because no one is really watching. I hadn't thought of it that way, but I had to laugh because sometimes I tell my sister that. She gets self conscious about dancing in public. We all have our things and not that I don't sometimes too, but I realize, sometimes when you are in a crowded room dancing, who cares what anyone else thinks, because a lot of time they are so concerned with themselves there is no chance they are looking at you. This is especially true if you will never see them again, so enjoy yourself. Haha, well that's my 2 cents.

more later.

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