Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the ones that get away

Heard a snippet of the song Run by the Snow Patrol. Also I'm trying something with a friend. We make 2 lists of 20. We don't tell each other what's on either one. One rolls a 20 sided die twice (or in my case, uses a random number generator app) and tells the other what they rolled. From the lists the second person chooses whatever combinations of words the person rolled, with the first person having the option to choose the reverse (12, 8 as opposed to 8, 12).

So my words were animal, specifically mammal and fish.

Now mermaid may not be the most original interpretation of that, BUT once i had the face, and listening to that song, there seemed to be no going back and before i knew it I had been sketching for around an hour. I want to rework this one. I know what I was going for with the body, just couldn't quite get it and now she's a little wonky all over....

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