Monday, July 8, 2013

Mother Nature

So the other day I was in the ER. I'm fine, I was apparently just going through the wonderful experience that is passing a kidney stone. If anyone reads this and likes my work, you can repay me by drinking lots of water, keeping hydrated and taking care of yourself. Wouldn't want any of you lovely people being indisposed like I have been...

On the lighter side, after laying in bed for a few days, mother nature decided to pay me a visit and tell me that it was my monthly lady time. Now normally, this is not something I'd blog about. This is NOT that sort of blog, BUT I told a friend that I would like to punch Mother Nature in the face. Comic book style. Because I said that, of course, I had to draw it. Haha maybe I will finish, but it's been a fun doodle...

More Later

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