Tuesday, June 18, 2013



over the weekend I went to the 2013 Van Arts Pixar Masterclass. I met some lovely people and we discussed movies, webcomics, cartoons... plenty of stuff...

But the thing that got me was the range of emotions that I felt as I listened to the presenters. I laughed, at some points I cried, and at some points I was almost angry. Angry might sound bad, but I told a friend that I was almost angry that I wasn't working at Pixar, doing what I love. So much of what the presenters talked about were things that I love to do. I mean, one guy was saying that he doesn't want artists who feel like they need to start as a concept artist and not someone who makes turn arounds and model sheets. I WOULD LOVE TO BE MAKING TURNAROUNDS (especially some of the beautiful turnarounds they showed us...). Angry that lately I've been so down about things that I haven't been trying.

So today, I pulled out my tablet and I'm going to be working on the stories in my head. After the class I had dinner with a friend, whose work I greatly admire , and as I was shaking my hands in the air, and gesticulating and telling him my ideas, he sort of laughed and said "Yea, just do it." I had been telling him that I thought that some of my ideas were... I've never known how to put this... too big for me. Then he would just nod and say, no no, just work on it.

So today I'm just working on my robots for the smaller idea, while keeping some aspects of story and character design I heard in mind for other things I have on the back burner.

This is my diva, and her band. Part of a handful of automatons I plan to design.

More Later.

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