Friday, May 11, 2012


It's funny how sometimes it feels like you blink and it's only been a little while, when actually it's been more like a week. Seems I have some sketches to post, and, being that I'm off today that will be what I work on; with breaks for exercise and food and things.
More later.

10:41 a.m.
two snippets in. I think these could end up being really interesting drawings

This one was for the word "body clock". At first I was thinking a criminal obsessed with time, but why? Something happened and now they're obsessed. So something with their body and time. Well most people thinking of a body clock think about women who think their biological clock is ticking... but nah... Though creepy, missed my time, doll obsessed villain is something straight out of TLC'S my weird obsession...
This body clock has to do with the only thing in the room that isn't quite a literal time piece.

And now for the most recent word, noise. So this one, I feel, needs a little less back story. Clearly he just wants to rock.

Having a little trouble with laser and cleanliness... BUT after a little break, onward

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