Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dead Pyro Day

Not every one is going to know what that is, look it up. Haha let's see if you can find that one.
So today was a rest day. I say rest day, but I really mean someone in my house got suddenly really into football and decided they wanted to cook all day. And when I say cook... there was almost more meat than I could stand...

BUT I do want to keep in the habit of posting regularly, so instead I'm going to put up a video that both amused me, and gave me ideas for some animals with strangely human feelings. Also I love this strange little owl..

Even though he doesn't have lips or eyebrows to emote (Hooray for an entire chapter on eyebrows, courtesy of Stop Staring ), he seems to thoroughly enjoy the pats on the head. And even though he's like a tiny face with feet, I like his body language. Everything about him says "Awww yea... that's the stuff..."

Also. I'm really not all that into football, but that touch down tonight that was the players parting like the red sea and one guy running down the center and having enough time to turn around and SIT in the end zone... yea that was both awesome and hilarious.

Anyways. Good Night, more drawings tomorrow, finished drawings soon.

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